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    Advanced sewage treatment plant


    Whisspurr™ – Acoustic Vibration Reduction (AVR) unit

    Introducing Whisspurr, the innovative AVR unit designed to reduce noise and vibration from diaphragm compressors used in the water and wastewater treatment sectors.

    Fitted inline between the compressor and air diffuser, the Whisspurr significantly reduces noise and vibration generated from the pulsation of the diaphragm compressor whilst enabling a consistent, unrestricted flow to the air diffuser.

    The unit is suitable for all types of compressor; Bibus Secoh, Charles Austen, Nitto, etc.

    For accurate unit sizing, contact Marsh Industries’ technical team on 01933 654582 | sales@marshindustries.co.uk.

    > The Whisspurr AVR unit is chemically sealed and bolted shut. This creates a pressure vacuum when in operation. Any tampering, breaking of the seal, or removal of any bolts will invalidate the warranty and will prevent the unit from working effectively.


    Sound reduction using linear pump

    Sound reduction using Secoh pump

    Virtually zero pressure drop versus flow

    Read full WRc test report

    • Significantly reduces compressor volume and vibration, addressing concerns of noise pollution
      in rural areas
    • No reduction in air pressure from the compressor
    • No increase in back pressure to the compressor
    • Requires no electrics
    • Available in four standard sizes
    • Easy retrofit to existing compressors
    • Hose tail is 20mm standard
    • Dark green unit as standard
    • Unique UK design, patent pending
    • Optional extras include Marsh accoustic compressor housings (Two sizes available depending on compressor size)


    Optional extras

    Marsh acoustic compressor housings

    Marsh Industries manufactures high-quality acoustic compressor housings. Below is a brief overview for compressor and Whisspurr sizing:

    Marsh ACH1 – Small compressor housing

    Suitable for 40w/60w/80w/100w compressors (inc. audible alarms) with Whisspurr units AVR1 and AVR2

    Marsh ACH2 – Large compressor housing

    Suitable for 120w/150w compressors (inc. audible alarms) with Whisspurr units AVR1, AVR2 and AVR3

    > Marsh acoustic compressor housings are manufactured to order – Normal lead time 4 days
    > Also available in brown
    > Larger compressors are typically fitted in GRP kiosks

    Marsh acoustic compressor housings