Eco-friendly sewage plant processing

Energy-efficient, economical and flexible process control for Ultra:Polylok™ sewage treatment plants.


Air blower speed/output is controlled using a variable speed ‘drive’ which supplies the precise amount of air required to enable the sewage treatment plant to function efficiently.

Optimisation of the air blower output results in improved running costs, meaning the end user can be assured they have the most economical solution for their wastewater system. This is a unique feature when it comes to overall energy-efficiency as most process control kiosks currently available within the industry have a one size fits all approach.


These next generation process control kiosks are built with flexibility in mind. Additional control options can be programmed into the ‘drive’ to regulate the volume of air delivered to the sewage treatment plant for different periods. This can be particularly beneficial for seasonal applications such as campsites, caravan parks, lodges or hotels where they may operate at peak capacity for short periods of the year. This functionality permits the volume of air to be increased or reduced, depending on the amount of people to be accommodated, thereby offering the end-user the ability to further reduce energy and running costs.

In addition, the process control kiosk allows for system expansion in the case of business/site growth (subject to design), thus eliminating the need to install extra tanks, pipework, air blowers, etc.

Noise reduction

We believe these kiosks to be the quietest on the market. They are fitted with a number of noise reduction measures as standard, making them ideal for caravan parks, campsites, etc, subject to kiosk placement/location. This may reduce the need for creating barriers or planting to restrict noise.

Further noise reduction measures can be added through the use of acoustic PUNF foam linings and various acoustic noise absorbing baffles. This not only reduces noise, but also enables the kiosk to be placed in a more convenient location, on sites where space is at a premium (the recommended distance from the sewage treatment plant should be 10m).

Specification/costs of noise reduction options, including measured decibel levels at a given distance from the kiosk, can be supplied on request.

Eco-friendly process control for Ultra Polylok sewage treatment plants


  1. Electrical control panel
  2. Kiosk lighting and power DB
  3. 230v RCD sockets
  4. Kiosk ventilation fans/thermostat control box
  5. Electrical panel drawings and documents
  6. Test equipment (for use when commissioning)
  7. Aeration blowers
  8. Pipe manifold including 50mm outlets and return valves
  9. Air intake silencer
  10. Aeration blower intake filter
  11. Blower power and control outlets
  12. Kiosk lighting

Eco friendly processing control for ultra polylok sewage treatment plants

Powder coated, mild steel or GRP kiosk (Green – RAL6005)
The kiosk protects the motor and controls from the elements

Forced ventilation, including ambient temperature control
A ventilation fan/thermostat maintains the optimal ambient temperature in accordance with the air blower manufacturer’s specifications

Thermal protection on motors
Protects the motor windings from overheating, increasing the reliability and lifespan of the motor

Electrical overload and short circuit protection
As required by electrical regulations

Air intake filter maintenance alarm
Alerts the end-user when the intake filter needs cleaning/replacing

High pressure alarm
Alerts the end user if the system design pressure has been exceeded, typically suggesting a blockage or restriction in the pipework

Low pressure alarm
Alerts the end user if the system design pressure is low, typically suggesting a leakage in the pipework

Standard acoustic attenuation including air intake silencer and external acoustic hood
Reduces noise from the blower motor and air intake

Marsh eco-friendly sewage processing
Eco-friendly sewage processing
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Marsh Civils product portfolio and specifications
Marsh Civils product portfolio and specifications