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    Advanced sewage treatment plant

    Distribution boxes

    Polylok D-box: 4 hole and 7 hole

    Used as part of a larger wastewater treatment system, a distribution box is a component which helps to process the flow of effluent as it moves into a drainage field or water course.

    Manufactured from polypropylene, the boxes are lightweight, strong and durable, creating a versatile unit with multiple inlet and outlet configurations to suit any site condition.

    Available as a 4 hole or 7 hole box, the units can accommodate any type of pipework ranging in diameter from 110-160mm and are supplied with appropriate seals.

    Stabilizing feet are moulded into the base of the boxes to anchor the units in place.

    Distribution box for sewage treatment plants


    • Light weight, strong and durable
    • Multiple inlet and outlet positions
    • Easy fitting and installation
    • Can accept a variety of pipes from 110-160mm
    • Unique D-box pipe seal and nut (seals can be used as a stopper)
    • Optional risers available to suit individual site conditions
    • Can be supplied with ‘Roto-Flow’ liquid levellers



    1. Inlet/outlet positions
    2. Stabilising feet
    3. 150mm pipe
    4. 110mm pipe
    5. Ribbed pipe
    6. Pipe seal and nut
    7. Access cover

    Dimensions given are for guidance only.
    Please contact Marsh Industries for precise sizes and configurations.

    4 hole D-box

    7 hole D-box

    Optional extras

    300mm HDPE riser

    150mm HDPE riser

    D-box seal and nut

    Roto-Flow liquid leveller