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    Advanced sewage treatment plant


    Portable sewage treatment plants

    Portable, compact, efficient sewage treatment solutions for small domestic properties, holiday homes, temporary accommodation and small commercial developments

    The Portapura is the most compact and efficient sewage treatment plant we’ve ever made.

    Designed for single domestic properties, holiday accommodation, site offices, site toilets, workshops, the Portapura is portable, can be installed above or below ground and treats domestic wastewater to a level that is 25 times better than the recommended EN standard.

    Why choose Portapura?

    It’s more efficient than other sewage treatment options… And more portable than all of them.

    It’s a space-saving solution… Its compact design provides quick and easy installation with minimum visual impact on the surrounding landscape as well as simple and safe access for maintenance and cleaning.

    It’s cost-effective… The cost of installing and running the Portapura is minimal when compared to larger, commercial systems.

    It’s environmentally sensitive… CE approved to BS EN 12566 with an ammonia result that is 25 times better than the recommended EN standard means the Portapura is well within discharge consent requirements.

    It’s designed specifically for temporary buildings and small domestic properties… Design objectives included performance, running costs, installation, transport and storage, making the Portapura the logical choice for sites where small wastewater treatment is required.

    Whisspurr™ acoustic vibration reduction (AVR) unit supplied as standard on all Portapura systems. Click here to find out more about Whisspurr AVR units.

    Operating principle

    Wastewater enters the primary settlement chamber [A] where large solids are removed by settlement and flotation. An accumulation forms at the base of the tank and is removed by desludging

    The clarified water is then transferred to the main aeration chamber [B]. Here it is treated to remove dissolved constituents. Aerobic bacteria, supported by diffused air, ensures full treatment is achieved before the effluent and ‘sloughed off’ bacteria flows to the filter chamber [C] for further solids removal.

    The final effluent is then discharged to a water course via the final settlement chamber [D].


    1. InletInlet
    2. Debris barrier
    3. Air diffusers
    4. Polylok tertiary filter
    5. Outlet
    6. Air pump connection

    7. Recirculation to primary chamber

    8. Air vent

    9. Access covers (Available in brown or green)

    10. Heavy duty shell

    11. Compressor with alarm

    12. Accoustic compressor housing


    • Available in three sizes – 2, 3 or 5 person units (gravity or pumped outlet)
    • Compact, lightweight construction – No heavy plant required
    • Portable – Systems can be installed above ground and removed/stored when not in use
    • Cost effective installation – Below ground installation can be achieved in approximately 2 hours
    • Outstanding treatment efficiency – 14:19:0.7mg/ltr (BOD:Suspended solids:Ammonia)
    • Near silent air compressor – Ensures minimal running, maintenance and servicing costs
    • Electrical consumption: 1.8kWh/d – Equivalent to the daily use of a lightbulb
    • CE approved to BS EN 12566
    • Fire resistance tested in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2:210
    • Tested for structural integrity in accordance with EN ISO 179-1/1eA
    • Neck extensions are available for deeper installations


    Specifications table
    Model People served Length
    +/- 50mm
    +/- 50mm
    +/- 50mm
    Inlet invert Outlet invert In/out dia
    M2 Up to 2 2750 980 415 445 270 110
    M3 Up to 3 2050 1500 600 450 245 110
    M5 Up to 5 2640 1500 800 650 345 110

    The dimensions given on this page are for guidance only.
    For precise tank sizes and configurations, please contact Marsh Industries.
    All dimensions in mm.
    Due to production processes, dimensions of finished units are within a tolerance of +/-2.5%.


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