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    Advanced sewage treatment plant

    Marsh Industries

    The innovator in domestic, commercial and agricultural off-mains drainage products

    Marsh Industries

    Providing environmentally sensitive off-mains drainage products and solutions to the domestic, commercial, agricultural and leisure sectors

    Working smarter

    Efficiently meeting the needs of our customers

    We strive to be recognised as a collaborative and trusted partner for our customers, aligned to their business, and with a reputation for providing quality products that really do add value.

    Innovative thinking

    Enabling technologies that deliver tangible benefits

    Working across many areas of the UK construction sectors our specialist innovation team combines 100+ years’ experience of designing, manufacturing and testing wastewater treatment products that are proven to be economic, efficient and environmentally sensitive.

    Compliant products

    In line with building and environmental regulations

    Our products are fully type-tested and certified to ensure compliance with relevant environmental permitting programmes and Building Regulations. Our extensive portfolio of product approvals and certification is available for viewing.

    Delivering confidence

    Extensive knowledge and experience

    Customers specify Marsh products and services because they know we deliver from a solid foundation of knowledge, experience, product quality and proven performance.

    Supporting your business

    Specialist services to further enhance customer requirements

    There are times when our customers need a little extra support. Whether this is on-site advice, backup support, specialist testing or bespoke project solutions, we offer a range of services when and where required.

    Together we are a strategic partnership

    Our core strength lies in the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of our staff and our customers combined.

    All Marsh products are fully type-tested and certified to ensure compliance with relevant environmental permitting programmes and building regulations.

    • Sewage treatment plants 4-1000+ PE
    • Pump chambers 234-20,000+ litres
    • Septic tanks and cesspools 2800-20,000+ litres
    • Uni:Gem★ septic conversion units 4-60+ PE
    • Marsh:GMS★ grease traps 234-20,000+ litres
    • Gem-APS phosphate and ammonia reduction systems
    • Marsh:UV ultra-violet disinfection units
    • Degrilleur™ trash/debris barriers
    • Agri-silage tanks Up to 100,000 litres
    • Storm:Dammer® stormwater attenuation Up to 130,000 litres
    • Rainwater harvesting systems 1500-20,000+ litres
    • Hydroil™ and Marator™ oil separators

    In addition, the company’s state-of-the art computer software, GAIA, can generate precise, bespoke commercial sewage treatment plants and pump chamber systems to the finest specification.