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    Advanced sewage treatment plant

    Anti-flood kits

    For off-mains water and wastewater systems

    Marsh Anti-flood kits are designed to maintain the integrity of sewage treatment systems during times of flooding or in areas where there is a high risk of water seepage.

    Elevated compressor housing

    Elevated compressor housing – Anti-flood kits

    Marsh Industries’ elevated compressor housing protects sewage treatment plant electrical components from water ingress due to flooding or water seepage.

    Manufactured with a green gelcoat finish, the raised housing is available in 1 and 1.5m heights and is supplied with an IP rated waterproof plug and sockets. The housing is also vented to allow even distribution of air to the compressor.

    Compressors provide diffused air to an aeration chamber within a package sewage treatment plant. Aerobic bacteria (biomass), supported by diffused air and mobile media, breaks down solids and increases oxygen which reduces ammonia levels in the effluent before discharge.

    NB: When ordering the elevated compressor housing, please contact our technical team for accurate compressor sizing.

    Impermeable lid

    Impermeable lid

    Marsh Industries has developed an impermeable lid for wastewater systems which prevents water ingress due to flooding or water seepage.

    The green lid, with its wrap-around cover and anti-skid embossing, covers a 600x600mm opening allowing easy access to internal chambers for maintenance and desludging. It is supplied with lock down bolts and has a working load of 1.5 tonne.

    Heavier duty lids are available. Please contact Marsh Industries for further details.

    Non-return valves

    110mm/160mm non-return valves

    These unique non-return valves protect sewage treatment plants by preventing floodwater from moving up the drainpipes from overflowing rivers, ditches or watercourses.

    The valves also benefit from a stainless steel backing which prevents rodents from entering the plant during a flood event.

    Larger diameter valves are available. Please contact Marsh Industries for further details.


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