Bespoke design capability

Gaia Sege© process design software for bespoke tank design

Developed by Marsh Industries, the unique Gaia Sege process design software – for bespoke tank design – uses core information to accurately calculate and tailor key variables, ensuring total optimisation for individual applications.

These precise calculations provide assurance to consultants, engineers, specifiers and contractors that the system is specifically designed to meet the appropriate standards of regulatory bodies.

Sewage treatment plants

For sewage treatment plants, the programme employs core process equations to precisely calculate and modify critical variables, ensuring total processing optimisation for Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Ammonia (NH4) reduction and removal.

Gaia Sege software also uses ‘British Water Flows & Loads’ data to calculate initial flows and loadings whilst also calculating peak flows and levels.

The programme can also calculate accurate sludge generation and storage on a daily basis, dependent upon final effluent standards required, ensuring the optimisation of primary chambers, individual clarifiers, diffused oxygen feed and final settlement chamber.

Marsh has launched a direct quotation website for the merchant and engineer/specifier; This user-friendly site caters to the design of sewage treatment plants for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Pump chambers

Gaia Sege utilises current building regulations to calculate precise storage chamber sizes. Pump systems are determined by using friction head loss calculations based on minimum self-cleansing velocities in order to specify the best possible pump(s) for the application.

Grease traps

Appropriate grease trap sizes are generated by accounting for the amount of grease and flow generated from the grease producing facility whilst providing adequate retention time befitting of these variables.

Storm Dammer water attenuation tanks

Marsh Industries’ rainfall storage sizing programme, Gaia Storm Dammer, can simulate the calculated flood storage required for any prolonged period within a set geographic area (ie, 1 in 5 year or 1 in 100 year rainfall).

bespoke tank design software