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    Advanced sewage treatment plant

    Marsh:UV Disinfection Unit

    Ultra violet effluent disinfection for off-mains drainage

    For over a century scientists have known about the ability of ultraviolet light (UV) to disinfect and, for many years, UV-C lamps have been used for disinfection in medical settings, food production and a number of other places.

    Effluent disinfection using UV light is the decontamination of outflowing water from sewage treatment plants, sewer pipes or industrial outfall into natural bodies of water.

    Without UV disinfection, effluent can retain a mass of hazardous pathogens that could infect the natural water, causing potentially serious environmental health issues.

    UV light deactivates pathogens so that they cannot survive in clean water, meaning they cannot replicate and infect future waterways.

    UV light is one of the safest disinfectants available due to the lack of chemicals used and produced by the device.

    The most common method of effluent disinfection used in off-mains sewage treatment plants is to install and connect a separate UV disinfection unit to the outlet of the sewage treatment plant.

    The UV disinfection unit contains the necessary UV light system to match the volume of outflow from the sewage treatment plant.

    Marsh UV Disinfection Unit technical showcase
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    Marsh UV Disinfection Unit Combats Coronavirus

    The solution - Marsh:UV Disinfection Unit

    Marsh Industries has developed an innovative UV disinfection system which removes 99% faecal coliform bacteria levels from sewage treatment plant effluent.

    The Marsh:UV Disinfection Unit can be supplied as an integral part within the Marsh Ultra:Polylok range of sewage treatment plants (50-500+PE) or as a stand-alone unit which can be installed at the outlet end of any existing sewage treatment plant.

    The UV light(s) are mounted in a sub-assembly which can be easily removed for periodic servicing and bulb replacement. In stand-alone units, the light assembly is mounted in a primary chamber by an anodized aluminium frame. The frame seals against the inner surface of the primary chamber to prevent flow bypass.

    When the disinfection unit is filled with waste water, the ultraviolet light source operates continuously with a lamp surface temperature range of 105-120ºF providing optimum UV light output and long lamp lifetime (Power supply is via 230v Single Phase with consumption of a single UV lamp being 45 watts).

    In addition to the UV disinfection assembly, microfibre tertiary filters are attached at the inlet pipe to reduce any remaining suspended solids, residual BOD and ammonia levels.

    UV treatment performance

    A single UV maximum flow through the unit is rated at 16m³ per day or a peak flow rate .056 litres per second under the following conditions:

    • UV dosage is greater than 5mJ/cm²
    • Suspended Solids – less than 30 mg/litre
    • BOD (5 days) – less than 30 mg/litre
    • If the effluent is cleaner than the above figures the level of treatment is greater

    From the above conditions, the faecal coliform reduction by the Marsh:UV Disinfection Unit exceeds 99.9% or 3-logs, at the end of UV lamp life, which is two years of continuous operation.

    The table below provides an indication of the UV dosage requirements in order to provide a 90-99% reduction in different strains of coronavirus.

    Organism90% (1 log reduction) mJ/cm299% (2 log reduction) mJ/cm2Source
    Coronavirus0.72.1Walker 2007
    Berne virus (Coronaviridae)0.72.1Weiss 1986
    Murine Coronavirus (MHV)1.54.5Hirano 1978
    Canine Coronavirus (CCV)2.98.7Saknimit 1988
    Murine Coronavirus (CCV)2.98.7Saknimit 1988
    SARS Coronavirus CoV-P94.012.0Duan 2003
    Murine Coronavirus (MHV)10.330.9Liu 2003
    SARS Coronavirus (Hanoi)13.440.2Kariwa 2004
    SARS Coronavirus (Urbani)24.172.3Walker 2007


    1. Removes 99% faecal coliform bacteria levels from sewage treatment plant effluent

    2. Optimum UV light distribution assembly for maximum disinfection (UV dosage requirements to provide a 90-99% reduction in different strains of coronavirus)

    3. Can be supplied as an integral part within the Marsh Ultra:Polylok range of sewage treatment plants (50-500+PE) or as a stand-alone unit

    4. Unique microfibre tertiary filters further reduce remaining suspended solids, residual biological oxygen demands and ammonia levels

    5. Optimised for minimal running costs

    6. Heavy duty shell as standard to enable installation in all ground conditions

    7. Integral eye bolts for improved on-site handling

    8. ‘Keying-in flange’ assists anchoring into granular or concrete surround

    9. Pedestrian cover included as standard


    Marsh:UV specifications
    Model Population served Max Watts Dia Ø
    Inlet invert Inlet dia Outlet invert Outlet dia
    MUV1 100 45 1170 1900 750 160 950 160
    MUV2 200 90 1170 1900 750 160 950 160
    MUV3 300 135 1958 2100 775 160 950 160
    MUV4 400 180 1958 2100 775 160 950 160
    MUV5 500 225 1958 2100 775 160 950 160

    Larger options available on request


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