Marsh Hydroil™ Silt traps

With a capacity of 1050 litres, a Marsh silt trap provides effective storage of silt and debris from vehicle wash-down facilities.

Positioned ahead of an oil separator, the silt trap gathers and stores silt and sediment, and prevents it from entering the oil separator system.

The unit is supplied with a hinged, galvanised steel grating that provides exceptional structural integrity and allows for easy emptying.

As with all Marsh products, the tank body is guaranteed for 25 years with a design life of 50 years, providing it is installed in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions

Configuration and components are shown for illustration purposes only

Marsh Hydroil silt trap

  • Heavy duty body enables installation in all ground conditions
  • Hinged, galvanised steel grating provides structural integrity and easy emptying
  • Tank body guaranteed for 25 years with a design life of 50 years

Model Capacity (litres) Length Width Height Connection size Outlet invert
CST1 1050 2110 720 1140 110 315

The dimensions given on this page are for guidance only.
For precise tank sizes and configurations, please contact Marsh Industries.
All dimensions in mm.
Due to production processes, dimensions of finished units are within a tolerance of +/-2.5%.

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