New Ensign systems are the easy, safe and efficient choice

Sewage, drainage and water recycling specialist Marsh Industries has launched its most unobtrusive, easy-to-install, low running cost, off mains sewage treatment plants for six to 50 person applications. The Ensign range is fully tested and approved to all UK and EU standards and is the perfect solution for domestic, leisure or commercial off mains drainage projects.

With unobtrusive lids and a special self-aligning low profile design, Ensign systems have a negligible visual impact, normally only requiring a granular surround. In addition, almost silent, odour-free operation means they are unobtrusive and unassuming. This makes Ensign the ideal choice for applications where aesthetics and discretion are a priority such as leisure settings, caravan and holiday parks, and residential projects.

There are ten products in the Ensign range suitable for serving from 6-60 people: 6PE, 10PE, 12PE, 16PE, 20PE, 25PE, 30PE, 35PE, 40PE & 45-50PE. Fully tested to EN12566-3 and CE marked, Marsh Industries Ensign systems are certified to 12:19:09 effluent quality and are backed with a 25-year structural guarantee. The systems are approved for discharging into a watercourse, ditch, or land drainage bed.

Ensign sewage treatment plant

Marsh Industries manufactures the Ensign range in the UK. Every product in the Ensign range has a single-tank design, made from glass and resin mix without chalk fillers for consistent high quality performance. Over their long life Marsh Ensign products demonstrate very low running costs, estimated at around £52 per person for a 6PP unit.

Ensign products from Marsh are fast, easy and safe to install with minimum maintenance features designed in as standard. An integral recycling system makes Ensign reliable even with intermittent use, while a built-in sludge pipe provides easy-access for cleaning and maintenance. Invert risers and pumped outlets can be supplied for deeper drain connections. Like all Marsh Industries products, Ensign systems are fitted with low energy efficient compressors for minimal annual service and running costs.

Marsh Industries is the UK market leader in domestic off mains drainage systems. The company manufactures sewage, drainage and water recycling products, supplying major UK builders and civil engineering merchants across the UK and beyond. Regularly specified by major contractors and institutions such as the National Trust, English Heritage, British Waterways, RSPCA and the Environment Agency, Marsh Industries manufactures all of its own products in the UK to the highest quality and performance standards.

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Marsh Ensign Ultra domestic sewage treatment plant