New Acoustic Vibration Reduction (AVR) unit eliminates noise caused by diaphragm compressors

Marsh Industries has developed a unique solution for a global problem in the water and wastewater treatment sectors, the ‘Whisspurr™’, an innovative acoustic vibration reduction unit that significantly reduces noise and vibration caused by diaphragm compressors.

Designed to fit inline between the compressor and air diffuser, the Whisspurr dampens the high frequency pitch and absorbs sound and vibration generated from the compressor whilst enabling a consistent, unrestricted flow to the air diffuser – the Whisspurr does not restrict air pressure from the compressor, nor does it increase back pressure to the compressor.

Managing Director of Marsh Industries and innovator of the Whisspurr, Steve Boyer, said “For decades noise pollution has been an accepted side-effect of diaphragm compressors used in domestic and commercial sewage treatment plants. The Whisspurr was designed to address this issue, however the unit can be retro-fitted and can be used on virtually any make of sewage treatment plant that depends upon the use of diaphragm compressors.”

“You can hear the difference in the following video…”

The Whisspurr is available in four standard sizes and is compatible with all types of compressor; Bibus Secoh, Charles Austen, etc. The unit can also be retrofitted to older existing compressors.

Marsh is also launching acoustic compressor housings in two sizes that further widens the companies offering in this environmentally sensitive area.

For more information including unit sizing, contact Marsh Industries on 01933 654582 |

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Whisspurr Acoustic Vibration Reduction Unit