Marsh ‘UNI:GEM★’ septic tank to treatment plant conversion unit brings cost savings to the end-user

Leading UK sewage treatment plant manufacturer, Marsh Industries, has unveiled its latest innovation, the UNI:GEM STAR, a unique septic tank conversion unit which exceeds EN12566-3 / EN12566-6 standards and conforms with 2020 General Binding Rules (GBRs for septic tanks or small sewage treatment plants for domestic use).

The CE approved UNI:GEM STAR can be installed behind any existing septic tank and treats the septic tank discharge to an effluent quality of BOD 12.25 : TSS 16 : Ammonia 14.845 (The UK Forward is less than BOD 20 : TSS 30 : Ammonia 20), meaning final effluent can be discharged safely to rivers, ditches or a watercourse.

The new unit brings a host of benefits to septic tank owners whose existing tanks must be replaced or upgraded by 1st January 2020:

  • The UNI:GEM STAR can convert a polluting septic tank into a fully functioning sewage treatment plant without the need for removing and replacing the old tank or building a drainage field.
  • Provides a space saving solution for sites and where minimal disruption to surrounding obstructions is required.
  • Quick and easy installation provides enormous cost-savings as well as health, safety and environmental benefits.
  • Tested and proven to be suitable for all ground conditions, all year round.
  • Offers simple and safe access for maintenance and cleaning.
  • CE approved.
  • Low energy costs (less than the daily cost of running an 80w light bulb).
  • Final effluent is clear and odourless.

Tested in accordance with EN12566 standards at the PIA GmbH test facility in Aachen, Germany, the UNI:GEM STAR underwent a strict 38-week testing procedure between November 2018 and August 2019 to ensure all seasons were covered whilst minimum/maximum temperatures were tested to assure Ammonia and BOD process reduction for the UK climate. Holiday periods were also simulated during the test procedure.

Marsh managing director, Steve Boyer, commented: “The UNI:GEM STAR is a first of its kind and is currently the only CE approved septic conversion unit available to the UK merchant market today.”

“The test results at PIA have proven once again that our ideas and experience have produced an innovative product which will provide notable benefits for existing septic tank owners, particularly those who need to upgrade or replace their septic tanks before 1st January 2020.”

Marsh Uni:Gem STAR