Marsh Industries in the driving seat

This year the Rainy Day Trust partnered with Pavestone to run a banger rally to the French Riviera in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. Off-mains drainage specialists Marsh Industries put themselves in the driving seat, being the first team to drive into Monte Carlo after a four-day drive passing through eight countries along the way.

The car, a stylishly liveried 22-year old Toyota Celica, purchased for less than £500, looked the part for the rally and was driven by Team Marsh comprising MD Steve Boyer, Jon Bradley and Lydia Boyer. More than 40 cars took part in what is now an annual event for the merchanting industry that raises thousands of pounds for worthy causes.

Visiting France, Belgium and Luxembourg on the first day the Marsh team had an easy start of the 1600-mile expedition. Friday saw them travelling back into France, Switzerland and staying the night in Vaduz the capital of Liechtenstein. “Saturday was the real test for all involved as it meant tackling the Stelvio Pass East Side (not the easy bit shown on Top Gear), arguably one of the most dangerous roads in the world,” says team member Lydia Boyer. After crossing Austria all that lay between team Marsh and the last overnight stop in Verona, Italy, was the 48 hair pin turns and 2760m drop down through the mountains. “Luckily the mighty little Celica took it in her stride much to the relief of the drivers!” says Lydia.

Sunday morning saw the final leg into the rally’s finishing point, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Never a company to be left behind the Marsh team were up early hoping to be the first team to drive into the principality and at 1.20pm they achieved that. “Surrounded by cars costing 1500 times more than the Celica, heads turned from the Ferraris and Lamborghinis outside the Casino to our trusty Celica,” says Lydia. “So many people were quick to step up and take a few snaps of the successful little car!”

Throughout the Rally, the teams will have a series of challenges to complete with points awarded for challenges completed successfully, quality of fancy dress and age and engine size of the car purchased. The older and more dilapidated the car, the more points granted! In total, the Pavestone Rally raised over £140,000 for the two charities and provide the teams with memories to last a lifetime.

Team Marsh would like to thank all partners, employees, friends and family for their generous donations. So far they have raised over £3000 for the cause.

Marsh Pavestone Rally Toyota Celica