WE don’t undermine your bottom line, online

As a leading manufacturer of fully-accredited off-mains drainage products offering end-to-end support from site inspection to after sales support, Marsh Industries is fully committed to supporting its merchant distribution chain and national Buyer’s Groups.

Internet shopping for off-mains drainage products offers a quick route to market for many manufacturers and provides an opportunity for end-users to compare products and ‘shop around’. For end-users, the obvious advantage of online shopping is the possibility of finding ‘cheaper’ products which perform the same basic function. However, the advantage of buying cheaper off-mains drainage products can bring many potential risks to the end-user, for example:

  • The risk of buying an unaccredited or inferior product
  • The risk of buying a product which does not meet local building regulations/environmental consent standards
  • The risk of buying from an unaccredited retailer with no local knowledge or experience
  • The risk of little or no after sales support

As well as the risks to the end-user, Marsh Industries believes online retailers can bring risks to manufacturers and their distribution network.

Speaking from experience, Steve Boyer, Managing Director of Marsh Industries says, “We have found that by selling to online merchants, whose main aim is to achieve bargain basement prices with little knowledge or customer support, we are potentially undermining our existing merchant network as well as our proud affiliation with national Buyer’s Groups.

“We have also discovered that we have limited control over how or where our products are installed and that doesn’t sit well within our company.

“The reputation of our products, our brand, and the reputation of our distribution network is paramount to us. Therefore, after careful consideration, Marsh Industries will no longer be supplying products directly to online retailers. We are dedicated to supporting our existing merchant network and Buyer’s Groups.

“WE continue to build strategic partnerships and our core strength will always lie in the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of our staff and our merchants combined.”

May 2017