Digital Stinger video campaigns

Marsh Industries are pleased to announce the launch of their digital Stinger video campaigns. Marsh has adopted a comprehensive digital campaign aimed at contractors, consultants and merchant staff, many of whom are still working off-site.

A stinger video lasts less than 90 seconds and is a condensed library of the individual Marsh product ranges. The digital campaigns will be at the forefront of the company’s marketing plans and will be promoted by both our external, internal sales teams and social media platforms.

Commenting Lydia Boyer said “with COVID 19 restrictions still in place with many of our customers, it is vitally important we use effective marketing tools to keep our customer base informed.”

The company launched Sewage Treatment Plants and Pump Station stinger videos first, but new product ranges will be launched in September and the rest of the year.

Marsh hopes this campaign will continue to grow its UK market share which is expected to show an increase of around 20% on year for year like sales, which we hope you agree is no mean achievement in the current climate. Marsh Industries’ year-end is on the 30th of September.