Phoslok™ phosphate removal

Tertiary phosphate treatment

Available for domestic or commercial sites the Marsh Phoslok is single piece phosphate removal plant which adds timed doses of a coagulant to treated effluent to further remove phosphates.

Easily installed downstream from a sewage treatment plant, this tertiary treatment option is the best available method to prevent eutrophication in sensitive discharge locations such as protected waters.

The Phoslok is a compact, single piece unit which incorporates a combination of timers to allow chemical dosing – usually during daylight hours when there is normal flow.
The coagulant is dosed on a variable rate and is set up during commissioning. The phosphate becomes bound within the settled sludge and is periodically removed when the main plant is desludged.

This design concept is unique to Marsh Industries as no other manufacturer has developed such a system for applications down to single house size.

Phoslok phosphate removal system

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